Curb Appeal

Spreading Holiday Cheer

santaThe last two years have been hard for a lot of people. If you have family, a friend, or neighbor in need of some holiday cheer, consider some quick set up/low impact yard decorations to quickly brighten their holiday! We found all the options below on Amazon.



stake decorations

Yard Stakes: Create a cheery little pathway quickly with yard signs. They work just like a yard sale sign, but have holiday phrases and designs like these we found on Amazon. Use a yard stick or the sidewalk seam lines to evenly space the signs and it will look like Santa himself might have been supervising the install!

Solar Options: These can be a little tricky, so be sure to look at reviews. We bought several candy cane striped solar stake lights from Walmart for under $2 a piece. They are tiny little twinkle level of lights at night, but during the day look so festive! Alternate solar stake lights with yard stake signs for more of a visual impact.


garage decorations

Garage Magnets: THESE ARE SO CUTE! We found phrases, ornaments, even reflective oversized Christmas light bulbs that turn a garage into a picture perfect holiday cards!


Christmas Lights

Projector and Kalidescope Globe Lights: These lights flock an entire wall or bushes area in illuminated winter wonder in 5 minutes! Simply stake, plug it in, and go! PRO TIP: Dusk is the best time for set up, as you will not see where it is projecting during the daytime.

Shrubs and Bushes: Net lights set up in a snap when you have two people to help stretch it and place them over bushes.


Inflatable Christmas Decorations

You can’t go wrong with a fun holiday inflatable! We found the best deals on small ones were at the At Home store. They had many to choose from in the 4’ size starting at just $14.00!

Make sure whatever decorations you choose are rated for outdoor use and for the climate you live in. Here in Florida, when you’re buying online, sometimes “outdoor” just means it’s suitable for the cold, but we have to worry about the sun and heat too.

Don’t forget to tell your friend you will coordinate taking the display down for them after the holidays. It’s just another way to show you care!