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Leave the Leaves

There’s good news if you hate raking and bagging leaves in the fall. Your yard may actually benefit from those fallen leaves!

Turns out, MULCHED leaves can be beneficial. Some leaves provide nutrients to soil but most just help to protect the lawn and block weeds. We read this is especially true if you have oak or maple tree leaves. Even if they have no impact to your soil’s nutrients, mulched leaves are found to be the environmentally-friendly solution to facing fall, because it keeps the bagged ones out of landfills, and cuts down on the need to use a leaf blower.

How do I use the leaves to benefit the lawn?

You simply use a lawn mower with a mulch feature and mow over the leaves, just like mowing the grass. It can take a few passes depending on how many leaves you have. If you have especially deep leaves you may need to distribute them after mulching with a rake, or by using the bag feature on the mower for the ability to empty and distribute them evenly into other areas of the yard.

How much is too much mulch?

Distribute mulched leaves evenly, as to not suffocate your lawn. You should still see grass blades sticking through, not just a thick carpet of dried leaf pieces.

Can I use the leaves anywhere else?

Yes! The garden and flower beds are great places to distribute extra leaf mulch. It helps insulate and block weeds there too.

Do I have to mulch them? Can I just leave them be?

Mulching or bagging are the recommended options. Piles of leaves can suffocate the lawn. They also tend to get soggy and moldy too. When Spring rolls around you’re likely to uncover a very sad lawn situation.

So there you have it. Mulch the leaves and spend the time you save drinking pumpkin spice lattes in your autumn wonderland!

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