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Spring Clean: Organize the Refrigerator

Ease into Spring cleaning by starting with the fridge. Begin by emptying anything perishable into coolers and work fast to wipe down the shelves, drawers, and doors. To deep clean drawers or shelves, a little regular dish soap and water works great. Food prep surface wipes have also been our favorite tool for cleaning up in a flash. The wipes were even durable enough to work on a full bottle of barbecue sauce that had somehow exploded in the night. Just make sure the wipes you are using are “food safe” and not a bunch of harsh chemicals that will linger in your fridge and possibly contaminate your open fruits and vegetables.

What storage is best for what groceries?

clear storage for fridge

Clear containers are the BEST way to organize the refrigerator. They come in refrigerator-safe carousels, mini drawers, pint boxes, stackable boxes, beverage dispensers and more. These clear bins are very trendy right now, so they can be pricy. Shop around for the best deals/bundles and buy ones that will work for your grocery habits. Start by taking an assessment of what groceries you repeatedly purchase, then purchase storage best suited for those specific items. We found all of the options shown in this article on Amazon.

clear storage for fridge

Stackable boxes are great for fruits and vegetables. Narrow open boxes are great for snacks or other items you buy in bulk like individual yogurt, fruit cups, cheeses, etc.

PRO TIP: When storing leafy greens, pop a few paper towels in with it to help keep them fresher for longer. Works in bagged or clamshell container lettuce and spinach too.

clear fridge drawers stackable

Mini drawers are great for dividing up larger open shelves with go-to items. Try dedicating a whole drawer to things that you like to access a lot, or are bulky, or roll around. (This would be grapes, tangerines, and apples for us.)

condiment carousel


Carousels are perfect for high-traffic condiments, dressings, and jarred items.

Create your “store.”

fridge storage map


Organize your fridge for how you actually live. Place perishable items in places you see straight away so you don’t forget about them. Stock like items together to make things easier to find. For example, dedicate a drawer, bin, or space to vegetables, meats, fruits, dairy, snacks, beverages, etc.

When it comes to jars, separate the sweet things from the savory things. (Jams on one side, pickles on another.) Categorize the condiments so all the dressings are together, all the sandwich making things are together, all of your most-used sauces are together, etc.

Labels the bins, ditch the tins.

decorative food labels

Labels are great for keeping things in their assigned places. Labels can be especially helpful with little ones or adults that get confused about what goes where.

Toss bulky packaging on items that you can use a labeled open bin for. For example, my husband’s Reeses cups get stacked into a narrow open container instead of staying in bags. Makes them easier to grab and go and easier to refill too.

No bins? Use a bag!

reusable food bags

Freezer bags are a great way to start organizing on a budget. Take-out condiment packets, snack assortments for individuals, meats, cheeses, meal prep… all fit perfectly into gallon bags and keep loose items from slipping and sliding around.

Don’t get overwhelmed – ANY level of organization is progress. Start small if you need to.