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Mini Home Makeover – Exterior Light Fixtures

We recently updated a few exterior fixtures around the house, and couldn’t believe how much more polished it made our home feel. Here are a few finds from Amazon to help you give your garage or porch a mini makeover.

Farm House Feels

Farmhouse Fixtures

Modern Moments

Modern Fixtures

Traditional Tastes

Traditional Style Fixtures


Consider using dusk to dawn type bulbs for a no hassle safety measure. You don’t even need new or special fixtures for these. It’s all in the bulbs!

If you don’t have the money to invest in new fixtures, revive your current ones with a good deep cleaning and fresh paint. We find brush paint worked best for getting into intricate designs, but people also spray paint them. Just be sure to buy the right kind of paint for the material you’re covering, and that it’s rated for outdoors. A paint associate at the home improvement store is usually pretty knowledgeable about what paint is best for various applications. That information should also be on the can too.

PRO TIP: When it comes to colors, black fixtures are traditional and timeless, which makes it a best bet for matching various home styles and trends. If you decide to go with a different or trendy color, just make sure it’s one that appears somewhere in your home palette. For example, copper-like sconces might go well with copper colored roofs, or accent paint/features.

copper light fixtures