Healthier Easy Chicken and Dumplings

Vegetables and chicken make this soup hearty like a stew. We’ve made this classic healthier with loads of veggies, no-salt stock, lean chicken breast, and heart-healthy canned soups. Enjoy all of the comfort with less guilt!


2-4 Chicken Breasts, or you can skip the chicken for a veggie version
1/2 Onion, thin slices
2 stalks of Celery (optional)
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
1 cup each, 3+ Veggies of Choice*
1 box No-Salt Chicken Broth (Veggie alternate: No-Salt Veggie Broth)
1 can “Heart Healthy” Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 can “Heart Healthy” Cream of Celery Soup
Pepper and/or Garlic Powder to taste
1 tube of plain buttermilk biscuits (for dumplings)


Place olive oil, sliced onion, and celery in large pot. Sauté until onions and celery are softened. Add broth, 2 cups of water, and chicken. Cook over medium heat until chicken is cooked through.

Carefully remove chicken from pot and set aside.

Add both cans of soup and 3 cans of water to the pot – with the broth from cooking the chicken.

*Add veggies of choice to the pot. We recommend at least a 1 cup each of three different types of veggies, it’s a preference, add more or less if you like. The best veggies are ones you might see in chicken soup or pot pie: corn, green beans, carrot, peas, celery, mushrooms, broccoli – fresh or frozen, canned get too mushy. Pro Tip: Carrots often take the longest to soften, so you can microwave them for 1 minute first, then add to mix to speed up the process.

Carefully shred chicken with forks and return to the pot.

When veggies are tender, now make your dumplings:

Cut biscuits into 4 pieces each (don’t have to be even), and carefully drop each piece into the soup. These will form the dumplings, and they will cook in the surface/upper part of the pot. (Larger dumplings are made with fewer cuts per biscuit.)

Get the biscuits covered in the hot soup asap by gently folding them into the soup with your wooden spoon. Be gentle and do not stir. Use more of a poking than a stirring method. Keep dunking each biscuit to cook the outside evenly and keep it from falling apart.

Fully cooked biscuits will be stiff masses that look like sticky mashed potatoes.

Add pepper and/or garlic powder to taste.