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Garage Storage Ideas

Alas, the holidays are over and it has you needing a way to store all of that holiday cheer for another year. Fear not, we’ve found some great options for space saving and garage organization.

Packing Christmas with Care

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Storage Cubes: Tired of every-shaped ornament box towers to topple and boxes in a bigger box storage? Consistently sized ornament cubes with individual holding dividers make ornaments a snap to stack away. (We recommend still packing any heirloom type special ornaments in individual boxes.)

Reels: Putting things like twinkle lights and garland on spools make it so much easier for decorating next year.

Wrapping Storage: Gift wrap organization keeps everything nice and wrinkle free. They come in bags, boxes, carts, even over-the-door organization options.

Wreath Bags: No more mystery-garbage-bag-covered surprises when you buy storage options that look like the thing they are holding.

General Organization

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Pack like-things together, and use clear bins or bags. Color bins are fun, but make it impossible to look through things at a glance. While clear bins make it easier to see what’s inside, a general label holder on the outside helps too for when you have things to store during the year. “There’s a bin for that!” Some bin organizing label ideas: “Gardening,” “Toys,” “Holiday,” “Tools,” “Yard Sale,” “Auto,” “Extension Cords/Power Strips,” “Sports,” etc. Packing soft items like blankets in clear bags with handles are great for ease-of-use too.

Bin Storage Options

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While stacking the bins on one another is possible, it makes it harder to get to what you need quickly and can even become dangerous. Things that separate the bins like storage cubbies, make it easy to access one tub at a time. Overhead storage gets things off the floor and into the wasted space above. Just make sure any option you choose is properly installed and secured for your safety first. Pro Tip: Keep bin weights at an amount that is easy to carry. Rather than cramming everything into one unmanageable tub, if you have more stuff, just start another bin for it and keep the bins safe to carry and store.

Garage Wall Storage

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Wall Racks: Storage racks that keep things neat and organized on the wall are always a help in the garage. Peg boards are a helpful option too, but leave a lot to your creativity to set up effectively for your needs.

Tool Bucket: Instead of storing away your go-to tools and then spending time trying to find them at some point in the future, a bucket organizer makes it easy to keep them handy, on-the-go, and organized at the same time. No more wondering where you stored the tape measure! Pro Tip: Tool buckets work great for gardening tools and items too. Keep the house tools in one bucket, and the garden stuff in another to minimize your frustrations finding the right tool for the job at hand.

The Catch-All

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Clear Bags: Bags are always the easy thing. Storage zipper lock bags are a great way to organize items within a bin or utility bag – or just to keep items dust free. Vacuum storage bags make it great for storing big soft items like bed linens, clothing, curtains, plush toys, holiday themed pillows and bedding – into such a small footprint you could possibly store them inside (where humidity is less likely to mess with their soft surfaces). Pro Tip: Place an odor fighting dryer sheet or two in with your bedding before vacuuming the air out to help keep it smelling fresh.

Utility Totes: A heftier option for storing items like decorations. The handles make it easy to carry back and forth between seasons too. Pro Tip: assign utility tote colors based on the items it is holding. For example, green and red tote colors could indicate holiday items, a person’s favorite color could indicate items stored of theirs. Fall decor could be in an orange bag… color blocking your bags (or bins) make it easy to see where what you’re looking for is at a glance.

Over-the-Door Clear Shoe Holders: Aren’t just for shoes. Use the clear pockets to organize and store small items that you may need access to more often. Smaller tools, odd bolts and screws, that one thing you found on the floor but have no idea what it is but seems too important to throw away, small flashlights, tubes of this, small boxes of that… it really is a handy way to organize the little things (and shoes).

And just like that, you now have a storage option and place for almost anything in your garage.