Curb Appeal


Decorating home exteriors for the holidays used to take FOREVER, but now there are so many modern options that significantly cut the time creating and increase the time enjoying. Oversized decorations and lights that are more like flood lights (rather than individual string lights) cover more space in a fraction of the time to set up. Here’s what we found.


Projection spot lights, motion lights, and slide shows set up in a snap and cover a good amount of area. We found these options on Amazon:

Star Shower Slideshow Motion – We love this thing! It’s basically a spotlight projector that shines moving graphics (included in little slide inserts) on to a wall. The instructions say one unit can cover 25 feet, if you can get the unit 30 feet away from the wall you want to project on. Ours is about 8 feet away and covers a 10 foot wall nicely. The best part is you can use it for several holidays if you get the versions that include the extra themed slides!
The Original Star Shower Motion – You’ve seen this little guy everywhere. Tiny green and red moving dots. One unit covers a decent area. We liked it most shining on the shrubs and bushes.
App Lights Projection Spot Lights – This covers about 20′, and the whirling motion of the light is mesmerizing. The app has presets to control it from your phone. The only thing we didn’t like is that the app is a little confusing, and there’s no other way to control the device.


Inflatables – Move over car dealership dancing inflatable, you’ve got some serious seasonal competition! They come in all kinds of holiday themes too!
Giant Ornaments – Just like the real thing but bigger and made for using outdoors. We are particularly excited about these this year!
Yard Stakes – Can’t get any simpler than that!

Pro Tip: Be sure to guy a good timer(s), then you can set it and forget it for the season!


Remote Control Flameless Candles – How cute will these look in windows?! Create additional cuteness with Outdoor Pillow Covers, Bows, Banners and Floor Decals. (All found on Amazon)


These candy cane and jumbo bulbs are stake lights with festive flair! We’ve also seen the candy canes as plain plastic decoration stakes (no lights) too. (All found on Amazon)


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