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Create a Cozy Coffee Bar

Do you love coffee/tea or have a coffee lover in your life? A cozy coffee bar would make a thoughtful yet functional gift for Valentine’s Day! Here’s a few ideas and items to get that daily coffee consumption dialed in.

If you read our last article, you know we are trying to stay more on budget by reducing our coffee outings. The presentation and ease of use is what makes fixing a cup at home thus staying on budget easier. When designing your stations, be sure to create a fun *experience* through presentation, taste options, and functionality.

Creating a cozy coffee bar is pretty simple, and you might even already own everything you need to make it, remember the key is the presentation and experience. *magical twinkle noises*

Start with a list: What do items do you (or who you’re creating for) use to make coffee? What are the “must have” items? Is it coffee beans vs. k-cups situation? Need filters? Are there pumps for flavors? Sugar? Splenda packets? Tea bags? Paper cups? Make a list with two columns; one for what is currently used every time you make coffee, and another for wish list things that would make a home coffee experience better. It will also let you know how many containers and the type of storage that will be most useful for individual’s needs.

Space: Select a nook, unused counter space, or a small cabinet. When choosing a cabinet look for one with a flat top space, and a deep drawer or cabinet with doors for hiding supplies away.

Pro Tip: Old buffets and sideboards make for great coffee bars. Try upgrading a used cabinet if you have one with good bones.

Location: Will the location be far from water and/or the fridge? Is a trash bin nearby? Consider a mini fridge, water source, and waste basket to make the space more functional.

Organize: Small clear acrylic trays are fantastic for organizing items like tea bags, sugar packets, and non-dairy creamer cups.

Incorporate some canisters: Pretty canisters not only organize your brewing supplies, but keep the design aesthetic going too!

Pick a color scheme before you start purchasing items.

Specifically a three colors scheme:

  • Choose a main color (aqua, for example) and purchase as many items as you can in that color.
  • Choose a secondary neutral color for other items that you can’t find in the main color. (Grey or black are usually safe choices in the coffee world.)
  • Decide if you are going to have silver or gold accents, then choose items like silverware and door handles or knobs in that metal.

Choosing a consistent color palate is more visually appealing because it unified. Bonus; things will *appear* visually organized simply because the colors are the same.

Pick a theme: Will it be whimsical -or- matching to the home’s decor? Do they love Disney? Harry Potter? That’s “whimsical.” Are they more Farmhouse? Mid Century? That’s decor matching. Look up items online to get a sense of what you’re looking for to create a cohesive look. Note: You *can* create whimsical coffee bars that match the decor of a home.

Accessorize: This is the fun part! Use cake trays and baker’s tiers to further organize your coffee bar. Little signs, and small decor in your theme make it fun too.

Make it fancy: Add syrup flavor pumps or accessories like an automatic frother to feel even more like your own personal coffee shoppe.

Upgrade the brewing: If your love’s coffee maker is looking rough, give it a good deep cleaning, or upgrade to a newer model.

Deals: There are so many cute items like the ones pictured here that I have found around town. Stop in and see what you can find for less locally.

  • Target: in the “Bullseye Playground” at Target. This is the value/dollar spot at the entrance of the store. Most items are usually $5. This week they had wooden organizers, cups, tiered trays, mini shelves, mini trash cans, and so much more.
  • Dollar Tree: Placemats and runners, candy-type glass jars with tin lids for organizing, spoons, cups, mini trash cans, etc.
  • Goodwill or Garage Sales: A good resource for used furniture to convert into your coffee bar (buffets, sideboards, cabinets), bar accessories and decorations, things to use as organizers, vintage glassware, cake stands, and tiered stands too.
  • Hobby Lobby: for upgrading doorknobs and handles, little signs, decor. Don’t forget to get the 40% off coupon on their website.
  • Ross: Silverware, cute mugs, decor, coffee syrups, fancy teas and honey, even decorative disposable coffee cup packs.
  • TJ Maxx: Decor, silverware, and cute mugs – especially in popular themes like Disney, Rae Dunn, Harry Potter, etc.
  • Tuesday Mornings: Decor, mugs, and decorative disposable coffee cup packs.