Curb Appeal

Updating Door Hardware

We recently updated an exterior door, painted the front door, and upgraded our fence door; so now we have door hardware on our minds! We’ve found a LOT of modern options for doors when it comes to aesthetics AND security. Let’s see what we can find on Amazon!

Did you know?! Copper, brass, and bronze door handles are naturally “antimicrobial?” Meaning, door knobs made of these materials continuously fight germs and bacteria all on their own, while standing up to the wear and tear of daily living. Who knew!

Entryway Doors:

The hardware on a door can make an old door look more modern. (Once you update the hardware, you’re probably going to want to paint it too – luckily we have an article to show you how we did it and what products we used.)

If security is your concern:

Touch pad and keyless options are popular, because most models allow you to change the “pin” as often as you want. That’s like getting a new lock and key every month, should you desire it. There’s also models where you can set specific PIN numbers for specific people so you know what happened, by who, and when; should anything go awry.

For an extra sense of doorway security, consider popular doorbell camera options. Even upgrading an old non-working doorbell can help better alert you to guests on your doorstep.

Security isn’t just for entry doors and doorways. Secure closets and storage spaces with interior versions.

Non-Locking Doors:

“Passage doors” (doors without locks) are fantastic places to introduce a little decorative flare. Consider these “pretty” door knobs that are faceted shimmering glass, brushed brass, or oiled bronze.

Speaking of non-locking doors; you can even update dresser and cabinet pulls to match your fancy new door knobs with these options.

Sliding Doors:

Bring an old patio door back to life with new slider hardware.

Don’t Forget the Garage:

A garage door might not have traditional handles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give this door a simple update with accent magnets, keyless entry, and rubber moulding to help keep the rain out during storms.

Fence Gates:

You can even update old rickety fence door handles. (However, updating the whole fence tends to warrant a professional.)

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