Home Hack

Let’s PAWS for PETS!

The best part of being “home” is spending time with our beloved pets! That’s why we’re sharing all of our favorite pet finds in this month’s Home Hack. We found most of our favorite items were available on Amazon, so we will share those pics with their stars rating below.

For the Dogs:

If you have big dogs like us, you know it’s hard finding toys that stand up to their level of play. These are our hearty favorites, and they’re bacon scented!

These balls are great for medium sized dogs, and the ball launcher has a variety of ball sizes available for a variety of dog sizes.

For dogs with storm sensitivities or other anxieties (like fireworks), these chews have been a miracle!

An honorable mention for calming vests. Ideal for the less anxious, but occasionally nervous dogs.

This shampoo by Jax-N-Daisy (jaxndaisy.com) keeps our pups fresh and itch-free.

Memory foam beds for dogs support their spine and joints just like it does for people. Don’t they look comfy?!

Speaking of support, we’ve used this joint supplement for years.

For the Cats:

This litter is hands down, the BEST litter we have ever used. Low dust and no smell, you can’t ask for more!

A Litter Genie is a MUST for cat owners. It might not seem worth it, but it makes clean up and disposal so easy. You’ll thank us later!

This little toy is so simple it looks like nothing, but cats absolutely love them!

For Pets of All Kinds:

Celebrate your pet and decorate your home at the same time with a pet portrait! We found several affordable shops online that make paintings and decor with a simple photo of your pet. For example, “MonicaACreates” is a shop we found on Etsy through a quick search, who is right here in Central Florida. What a great gift idea too!

Or get a minimalist locket, from “BijounBoutique” (also on Etsy) that holds a photo of your pet inside a little gem! You can look in, use your phone camera, or phone flashlight to reveal the image. Comes in necklaces and keychains. Also makes a great gift!


Do you have any favorite pet products? We want to hear about them! Please share your finds with us by commenting them on any of our pet posts this month on Instagram or Facebook.

(Also found on Amazon)

… and be sure to tell your dog we said “hi!”